The Joint Commission

Release of Complaint Evaluation

Upon request from any party, The Joint Commission releases the following information relating to complaints about an accredited or certified organization for the three-year period prior to receipt of the request:

  • The number of standards-related written complaints filed against an accredited or certified organization that have met prospective criteria for review.
  • The applicable primary standards area involved in a specific complaint review.

When an unannounced or unscheduled survey is based on information derived from a complaint or public sources, the performance area(s) in which a requirement for improvement was issued will be provided.

If an on-site review of a health care organization results in a change of accreditation or certification status or in requirements for improvement, these changes will be reflected in the organization’s publicly available Quality Report. Quality Reports for accredited organizations are available at, or by calling the Customer Service Center, 630-792-5800.