The Pharmacy’s services include:

  • Clinical Dispensing: A critical analysis of a patient’s medication needs, which includes a review for appropriate dosing, drug interactions, and alternate treatment options.
  • Pharmacokinetics: Our Pharmacy staff makes individualized dosing adjustments for select medications based on patient data, drug-specific information, and mathematical modeling.
  • Patient Counseling: Patients will receive guidance about how to properly and safely take their medications after they leave the Hospital, and what they can expect while on the medication.
  • Clinical Consultations: Our Pharmacy staff proactively collaborates with other healthcare providers to identify the most effective treatment options for their patients and evaluate the efficacy and safety of the medications under consideration.
  • Sterile and Specialty Compounding: We have specially designed, high tech suites that provide a sterile environment for preparation of intravenous medications. We also customize medications for patients with unique needs.
  • Chemotherapy/Outpatient Infusion: Our Pharmacy staff provides special attention to the medication needs of patients receiving chemotherapy or other infusion medications and uses advanced technologies to ensure intravenous medications are prepared in the most accurate and sterile ways.