Joint Replacement


After consulting with one of our surgeons, our Total Joint Navigator will schedule you for pre-operative testing and education. Pre-operative testing and education will be scheduled on the same day for your convenience. You will be encouraged to bring a family member or friend to the pre-op education class who will act as your “coach” during your hospitalization and after discharge. During the class, members of our medical team will answer all your questions and share everything you need to know about joint replacement. You will also receive written materials to reinforce what you’ve learned, to keep you on track during the time leading up to your operation, and to help you plan for your recovery period.

Each patient's needs are carefully evaluated, and an individualized plan of care is developed in consultation with the patient and their families. In addition to performing the surgery, we offer:

  • Pre-operative testing and education from members of our medical team who will administer all necessary tests, answer questions, and share everything you need to know about your surgery.
  • Post-operative physical therapy provided twice daily by licensed therapists who have been specifically trained in the rehabilitation of patients who have undergone joint replacement surgery.
  • Outpatient physical therapy after surgery.
  • Occupational therapy for those patients who require assistance with activities of daily living.
  • Case Managers who are there to help you create a postoperative plan of care, obtain assistive equipment, schedule outpatient physical therapy, and access to any other services you may need after you leave the hospital.

The Patient’s Role in Recovery

We believe that patients play a key role in their successful recovery. That’s why every detail—from preoperative teaching to postoperative exercise—is considered and reviewed by the patient, along with the members of their care team. Patients are encouraged to choose a family member or friend to participate in the role of “coach” during their recovery.