Addiction Services


Inpatient Services

We have several options to help individuals recover from addiction including:

  • Medically Managed Detoxification: This treatment is for patients ages 18 and older who are experiencing life-threatening symptoms of withdrawal. Treatment is provided by a team of counselors, doctors board-certified in addiction medicine, and nurses who are available 24 hours a day.
  • Inpatient Rehabilitation Program: The program includes intensive group therapy, individual counseling and education to build the skills necessary for recovery. An introduction to the 12-step model of recovery is also included. While in treatment, if needed, they will receive a psychiatric evaluation and treatment for mental health issues. Medication management is also provided if appropriate. We plan for our patients’ release from our inpatient program from the time they are admitted to ensure they continue to pursue their sobriety with the appropriate outpatient program or support group.

Outpatient Services

We have a commitment to community outreach and removing barriers that may prevent community members from accessing our services. A range of outpatient treatment services are available at the Hospital. We will provide a full evaluation and determine if the individual is in need of our program.

  • Intensive Outpatient Services: For individuals 18 years of age and older, our intensive outpatient program enables participants to develop an individualized treatment plan that includes group therapy, one-on-one counseling and education to build the skills necessary for recovery. Psychiatric evaluations and medication are also provided, if appropriate. Day and evening times are available.
  • Clinic Level Program: For individuals in need of less intensive intervention, our clinic level program offers many specialized therapy groups such as relapse prevention, trauma recovery, legal concerns, DBT skills, mental health groups and more. Men-only and women-only groups are also available. Psychiatric evaluations and medication management are also provided, if appropriate.
  • The Impaired Driver Program: Research has shown that those who drive while intoxicated may not yet be substance dependent or have the severe physical, psychological, or social issues that are evident in those with advanced alcoholism. The Impaired Driver Program is designed specifically to address the DUI/DWI offenders. Our group setting focuses on early intervention, education, and personal responsibility. We work with attorneys, law enforcement, and employers, and recommend additional treatment or psychiatric services when necessary. This program meets the required treatment criteria of New York State DMV and New Jersey State law enforcement agencies.
  • Ambulatory Detoxification: The Ambulatory Detoxification service will consist of a medically supervised, monitored and structured detoxification service provided on an outpatient, voluntary basis and delivered by a physician or other service personnel acting under the supervision of a physician. Ambulatory detoxification will be performed in accordance with New York State Law, Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services Operating Regulations Part 822-4 and Hospital Policy.